CEAD helps you grow healthier, higher-quality crops with artificial intelligence.

CEAD uses your farm data and our data science to achieving better yields, improve your efficiency, get healthier crops, and higher profits.

CEAD visualizes your entire production on a single screen. With unprecedented levels of control you support your decisions with accurate and complete data.

Built to deliver instant value, CEAD improves your production workflows and uses the results from our machine learning algorithms to give you actionable insights.

CEAD continuously monitors, enforces and optimizes irrigation, pollination, phenology, fertilization, Pest & Disease, and agro-technical protocols. CEAD will seek out weak points and hidden patterns in manufacturing processes allowing certified specialists to act on the newfound data.

  • Skilled Labor

    EAD helps your growers plan with more precision, and optimize their growing systems with confidence.

  • Big Data

    With CEAD.ai, industrial analytic data becomes easier than ever to gather and all new data sets, metrics and statistics are revealed.

  • Automation

    CEAD.ai streamlines the process of creating data flows and assigning custom actions to those data flows and then automates those tasks.

  • Why CEAD.ai?

    What will make CEAD unique and lucrative is the simplified, streamlined process of creating and managing data flows.

  • Certified Specialists

    With our proprietary software platform, and training, any employee can become certified and will be equipped to manage your CEAD data flows.

  • The future

    The CEAD.ai platform accounts for most of the efficiency gained in the manufacturing sector and sets the standard for AI integration.

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